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Summer Day Treatment: Discover a Summer Filled with Adventure and Support!

Summer is here, bringing a mix of excitement and challenges for both children and families. While the break from school offers kids a chance to unwind and enjoy their time off, the lack of structure during the summer months can sometimes lead to difficulties for kids and their parents. Without the familiar routines of the school year, children may experience feelings of anxiety and start to show troublesome behaviors. 

Research shows that a structured routine throughout the summer is crucial for supporting children’s well-being and growth. At Alexander Youth Network, our Day Treatment program operates year-round, 12 months a year, providing consistent support for both the child and their family. During the summer, this year-round approach becomes even more important by helping kids and families have a stable and predictable summer. 

“Consistency is very important to a child’s treatment and progress and our program provides that consistency in the summer months away from school,” said Christopher Willis, Regional Day Treatment Manager for the Mecklenburg & Partners Region. “A lot of times, kids who don’t continue any type of structure during the summer open the door for old behaviors and habits to return.” 

Our Summer Day Treatment takes everything great about our Day Treatment program and kicks it up a notch with exciting summer activities like field trips, swimming, hiking, and more! Breakfast and lunch are provided daily, as well as transportation for kids who may have difficulty attending the program due to transportation barriers.  

Summer Day Treatment also offers a comprehensive approach to supporting children’s academic, social, and emotional growth. Our clinical and educational programming focuses on social skills, teamwork, and self-esteem. By tracking academic and behavioral progress, we ensure each child receives tailored attention and support for their success.  

Benefits of Summer Day Treatment include: 

  • Less stress when school starts again 
  • Maintaining friendships from the school year 
  • Learning good behavior while having fun 
  • Therapy with other kids 
  • Parents know their kids are safe while receiving treatment 

Summer Day Treatment is an exciting opportunity for children and parents to maintain their progress and routines despite the break from school. Through this program, summer becomes a time of fun, exploration, and structure for the entire family. By prioritizing structure and stability, parents can rest assured that their children are not only enjoying their summer break, but also developing healthy habits and behaviors that will carry into the academic year.  

“Our Summer Day Treatment program allows children to continue the progress they are making on their behavioral goals,” Willis said. “When you add the fact that they’re able to have fun through various social activities, it really makes it a wonderful program for parents to consider during the summer.” 

Excited about the idea of Summer Day Treatment for your child or a child you know? Reach out to our Intake Department today to learn more about our program or to kick off the referral process. You can contact us at or by calling (855) 362-8470.


Written by Shukriyah Hasanka

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