Happy Anniversary Ronald Broome!

Ronald Broome Celebrates 10 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 10-year “AYN*niversary” to one of our Senior Systems Architects, Ronald Broome! Ronald first began working at Alexander because it reminded him of another company that he really enjoyed working for prior to moving away from Ohio almost 12 years ago. “I love my team and […]

Happy Anniversary Lenita Livingston!

Lenita Livingston Celebrates 18 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 17-year “AYN*niversary” to one of our Psychiatric Office Assistants, Lenita Livingston! “I always wanted to work for Alexander,” Lenita said. “I would pass the entrance and say to myself, ‘I’m going to work there!’ “ After graduating from ECPI, Lenita began faxing her resume out […]

Happy Anniversary Lester Butler!

Lester Butler Celebrates 17 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 17-year “AYN*niversary” to one of our Mental Health Counselors, Lester Kim Butler! Lester began his career in the behavior health field in the Greater-Washington/Maryland area. After relocating to Charlotte in 2006, he was encouraged to join the Alexander team by a great friend and began […]

Happy Anniversary Brigette Horne!

Brigette Horne Celebrates 15 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 15-year “AYN*niversary” to one of our nurses, Brigette Horne! Brigette first came to Alexander after being offered a position by the nursing agency that she was employed with. She worked for over a year through the Agency and in 2008, decided to apply for a […]

My Sister Susan’s House: A Lifeline for Mothers

During Women’s History Month, it feels appropriate to highlight a program dedicated to serving women in the Guilford County area. My Sister Susan’s House, the transitional program of Youth Focus, an affiliate of Alexander Youth Network, is a great resource for expectant and new mothers who are often facing homelessness.   My Sister Susan’s House is […]

Equine Therapy: Healing Though Horses

At Alexander Youth Network, one of the special features of our treatment programs are the therapeutic interventions that we offer to promote a child’s development and skill building activities. These structured activities can be prescribed as part of a child’s treatment plan and are used to promote healing and to build positive relationships.  Our Pet […]

Happy Anniversary Tina Barnes!

Tina Barnes Celebrates 20 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 20-year “AYN*niversary” to our Service Authorization Specialist, Tina Barnes! 20 years ago, Tina was working for Piedmont Behavioral Healthcare when the ownership of the location where she worked in Monroe was transferred to what is now known as Alexander Youth Network. “Employees were given the […]

Happy Anniversary Julie Pool!

Julie Pool Celebrates 24 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 24-year “AYN*niversary” to our Director of Finance and Business, Julie Pool! Julie became an AYN employee as part of the merger with Youth Focus in 2019. Before joining Youth Focus, she previously worked as a business analyst for a large triad corporation. There, Julie described […]

Happy Anniversary Carrie Spencer!

Carrie Spencer Celebrates 25 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 25-year “AYN*niversary” to our Contract Specialist, Carrie Spencer! Carrie first joined Alexander Youth Network as a Recreational Therapist back in the late 1990’s and through the years, has worked in many different positions. “I’ve always been passionate about working with children and believe strongly in […]

Happy Anniversary Leonard Shinhoster!

Leonard Shinhoster Celebrates 23 Years at Alexander Youth Network! Happy 23-year “AYN*niversary” to Leonard Shinhoster, our Vice President of Residential Services! Leonard joined Alexander Youth Network in 2000 and noted, “When I joined AYN 23 years ago, I honestly did not know what culture I was walking into coming from another agency where the culture […]