Day Treatment

Day Treatment

School Based Solutions for Your Child

Our Day Treatment program at Alexander Youth Network is a highly individualized treatment program for children enrolled in grades K-12 who are facing challenges in the classroom due to mental or behavioral health diagnoses.

Our highly structured classroom environment, coupled with multi-sensory techniques and smaller class sizes, allows your child to embrace their own unique talents and learn the skills they need to succeed in school and return to a traditional school program.

Collaborative Care With Family and Caregivers

Our Day Treatment staff works with parents, guardians, teachers, and schools to provide children with a supportive transition into Day Treatment and back into a traditional classroom following treatment through our programming. Alexander also provides group, family, and individual therapy to aid in a child’s therapeutic healing process.

Specialized Features of Day Treatment at Alexander Youth Network:

  • Admission assessments and comprehensive educational testing, including pre-enrollment and post-discharge tests given by a licensed teacher.
  • Year-round programming, even when public school is not in session.
  • Constructive management of emotional stressors through therapeutic skill-building.
  • Structured clinical and educational programming to promote socialization, friendship building, teamwork, and self-esteem.
  • Recreational time to promote self-regulatory activities including swimming, yoga, outdoor adventure, therapeutic horseback riding, creative writing, drama, arts and music, pet therapy, and therapeutic drumming.
  • On-site teaching/mentoring available.
  • Modeling of appropriate classroom behaviors.
  • Current technologies for advanced experiential learning.
  • Active tracking of academic and behavioral progress.


School based programming for children who are facing challenges in the classroom due to mental or behavioral health diagnoses.


Children and adolescents, Grades K – 12

Length of Stay

Average length of stay 6-9 months


Medicaid, most private insurances with the exception of Blue Cross Blue Shield


Cleveland, Cumberland, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg, Stanley, Union, Yadkin


For information about the Day Treatment program, contact the intake department at (855) 362-8470 or email