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Day Treatment

Day Treatment

School Based Solutions for Your Child

Our Day Treatment program at Alexander Youth Network is a highly individualized treatment program for children enrolled in grades K-12 who are facing challenges in the classroom due to mental or behavioral health diagnoses.

Our highly structured classroom environment, coupled with multi-sensory techniques and smaller class sizes, allows your child to embrace their own unique talents and learn the skills they need to succeed in school and return to a traditional school program.

Collaborative Care With Family and Caregivers

Our Day Treatment staff works with parents, guardians, teachers, and schools to provide children with a supportive transition into Day Treatment and back into a traditional classroom following treatment through our programming. Alexander also provides group, family, and individual therapy to aid in a child’s therapeutic healing process.

Specialized Features of Day Treatment at Alexander Youth Network:

  • Admission assessments and comprehensive educational testing, including pre-enrollment and post-discharge tests given by a licensed teacher.
  • Year-round programming, even when public school is not in session.
  • Constructive management of emotional stressors through therapeutic skill-building.
  • Structured clinical and educational programming to promote socialization, friendship building, teamwork, and self-esteem.
  • Recreational time to promote self-regulatory activities including swimming, yoga, outdoor adventure, therapeutic horseback riding, creative writing, drama, arts and music, pet therapy, and therapeutic drumming.
  • On-site teaching/mentoring available.
  • Modeling of appropriate classroom behaviors.
  • Current technologies for advanced experiential learning.
  • Active tracking of academic and behavioral progress.


School based programming for children who are facing challenges in the classroom due to mental or behavioral health diagnoses.


Children and adolescents, Grades K – 12 varying by location

Length of Stay

Average length of stay 6-9 months


Medicaid, most private insurances with the exception of Blue Cross Blue Shield


Cleveland, Cumberland, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg, Stanley, Union, Yadkin

For a full list of our Day Treatment locations and grade levels, visit our Locations page.


For information about the Day Treatment program, contact the intake department at (855) 362-8470 or email

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