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How We Treat Kids

Custom Treatment Plans

Care for children affected by trauma​

Over 28 million US children have experienced one or more types of childhood trauma. Traumatic events can affect families, too. Parents and/or guardians and siblings can feel the effects of traumatic experiences.

Trauma can shatter a child’s sense of security and disrupt healthy brain development

Children who have experienced trauma or who live in stress-inducing environments often have difficulty accessing the part of their brain that controls reasoning and logic. Under stress, they may become aggressive, argumentative, or impulsive.

Alexander Youth Network uses the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics™(NMT) in our trauma care. This model was developed by internationally-regarded neuroscience expert Dr. Bruce Perry. NMT integrates core principles of neurodevelopment and traumatology to inform our work with children, families, and the communities in which they live.

Our approach to trauma-informed care helps children build new pathways around the roadblocks in their brain. Children complete a comprehensive brain metric that helps our clinicians understand:

  • A child’s medical, family, and social history,
  • Past and present experiences,
  • Growth and development,
  • Presenting problems and previous treatment plans 


Results from the comprehensive brain metric are combined with NMT metrics to identify developmental delays due to trauma. Our trauma care experts then use this information to create a custom treatment plan for each child.

Our model provides the highest level of personalization and intervention for children who have experienced trauma.

Relational, relevant, and rewarding, with lasting results

Therapeutic, educational and enrichment activities are tailored to the needs and strengths of the individual.

While treatment activities may look and feel like play, they are purposeful and effective. Children gain the tools to control their impulses, emotions, and thoughts and maintain healthy relationships through treatment such as:

  • Therapeutic drumming to lower stress
  • Swimming to reduce depression
  • Yoga to teach self-regulation
  • Pottery for creative expression
  • Pet therapy helps children build relationships and develop empathy


Through the Alexander Model of Care, the child is the center of the therapeutic process.

Alexander offers a variety of therapeutic services and programs to support a child’s treatment plan.

Our trauma care experts are available to help.

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