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Happy Anniversary Jesse Horn!

Jesse Horn Celebrates 11 Years at Alexander Youth Network!

Happy 11-year “AYN*niversary” to our Performance Improvement Manager, Jesse Horn!

Jesse initially came to Alexander after previously working with gang involved youth in a Transitional Living Program near Philadelphia, PA prior to my moving to North Carolina in 2011.

“Alexander had a good reputation from some of the people I had spoken to, and I decided to apply.  I was actually offered a job at another Mental Health agency in South Carolina the same week Alexander offered me a position, but I decided to go with Alexander based off of my gut instinct.  Luckily, that has paid off beyond what I could have imagined,” Jesse said.

“The relationships I have with colleagues is something I continue to love about working at Alexander.  We have some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. People that constantly put the needs of clients and families above their own, and show what self-sacrifice really means,”  Jesse said about working at Alexander. “The people here love kids, and it shows.”

When asked about what he was most grateful for during his tenure at Alexander, Jesse said,  “I’m grateful for the leadership that I’ve been able to have over the years at Alexander.  I’ve had a number of various leaders, and I’ve learned something new from each one of them.  I feel blessed to have had leaders invest in my growth, and see the value and potential that I can bring to the team.”

Congratulations on 11 years, Jesse, we are grateful for your hard work and dedication to Alexander Youth Network!

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