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Happy Anniversary Lori Douglas!

Lori Douglas Celebrates 11 Years at Alexander Youth Network!

Happy 11-year “AYN*niversary” to our Performance Improvement Coordinator, Lori Douglas!

Lori first began to work at Alexander 11 years ago after moving on from a previous company.

“Alexander was a good fit for me and the position as Performance Improvement Coordinator allowed me to grow my skills while also bringing in my knowledge and experience that I already had,” Lori said.

My PI (Performance Improvement) Team, lead by Buddy Plummer, is the best! I have always felt very supported. I am currently back in school to go for my RN and Alexander has been incredibly supportive and encouraging,” Lori said when asked about what she loves most about working at Alexander. “I look forward to seeing not only my teammates, but all of the devoted staff we have that make a difference every day!”

Congratulations on 11 years, Lori, and thank you for all of your hard work over the years!

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