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Transition House


Short-term, transitional program for children with stabilized behaviors emphasizing individualized care and community integration for a successful return to home or a community-based setting.


612 years old

Length of Stay

The average length of treatment is 3-4 months


Mecklenburg County

Referring Partners

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers and behavioral programs, Department of Social Services and Managed Care Organizations


To learn more about our Transition House program, contact our Intake Department at (855) 362-8470 or email

To learn more about our Transition House program, contact our Intake Department at (855) 362-8470 or email

Transition House

Facilitating Short-Term Community Reintegration

The Transition House at Alexander Youth Network offers a structured and supportive environment for children seeking to maintain positive behaviors that have been stabilized through a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) or another behavioral health program. With a focus on community integration, Transition House is designed to continue developing coping skills, while teaching essential life skills to help kids successfully transition to a community-based or home setting.  

Kids placed in the Transition House will attend school or a Day Treatment program dedicated to continuing their education while furthering their mental health treatment. They also complete small tasks like helping to prepare meals, keeping their spaces tidy, and participating in scheduled activities. Additionally, Transition House collaborates with civic organizations to ensure that kids in our program receive enrichment and access to activities that help build character and confidence.

Key Features of Transition House

  • Focus on community reintegration, while emphasizing success in a community setting and avoiding a return to higher levels of care. 
  • Personalized attention with increased staff for individualized care, creating a healing and supportive environment. 
  • Holistic programming that teaches life skills like cooking and includes structured activities for personal growth. 
  • Quality of life improvement, enhancing overall well-being beyond symptom management. 

Collaborative Care With Family and Caregivers

To ensure success of the program and positive outcomes, Transition House is designed to support children with a family or post-discharge support system willing to participate in our discharge readiness program. However, it is sometimes challenging to find placement homes for kids who have successfully completed residential treatment and who need a step-down level of care. Transition House is a great option for kids to continue their treatment in a less restrictive, but structured environment, where they can continue to heal. The Transition House also supports at-risk youth who have been successful in stabilizing their behaviors but cannot find a placement home.

Enrichment For Lasting Change

The Transition House recreational therapist leads 2 to 3 weekly community outings to help children practice social skills and prepare for family and community reintegration. Daily activities are planned to focus on independent leisure skills, self-regulation, anger management, and other essential skills for a normalized family adjustment. Additionally, we host family-focused activities like game nights, movie nights, holiday parties, and achievement celebrations, where parents, grandparents, and other family members are invited to participate. 

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