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Charlotte Psychiatric
Residential Treatment Facility

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Residential Care for Advanced Mental Health Needs

The psychiatric residential treatment program at Alexander Youth Network is located in Charlotte, NC, for children ages 5-13, with advanced mental and behavioral health needs. Our program serves kids across the state of North Carolina who require treatment in a residential setting, usually 120 days or less.

While in residential behavioral health treatment, our children receive therapeutic interventions such as:
• Dedicated treatment teams with family involvement
• Sessions with a licensed therapist
• Customized treatment plan with planning after a child leaves residential treatment

Our Charlotte, NC campus has a gymnasium, labyrinth, cafeteria that serves three nutritious meals, calming rooms and spaces, on-site nursing, swimming pool, basketball court, and playground

Our Treatment

The Charlotte Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) uses an approach based on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics™ (NMT), a development assessment that attributes a child’s history and current behavioral challenges to their diagnosis, which helps guide their treatment.

Our services are provided under the direction of a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with onsite nursing 24 hours a day. Additionally, our treatment team consists of NC-certified teachers, licensed clinical therapists, and recreational therapists.

Therapeutic Interventions




Recreation Therapy

Pet Therapy

Collaborative Care with
Families and Caregivers

As part of our PRTF program, all children will receive a 30-day assessment that provides stabilization, diagnostic evaluation, psychiatric treatment, 24-hour nursing, and post-discharge/aftercare treatment planning. This 30-day assessment ensures that together, we identify the best, personalized treatment plan for your child while they are in our PRTF program.

Families of children residing in our Charlotte PRTF, have access to the Beth Jones Family Cottages , which provide free residential amenities for parents, guardians, and siblings of children in full-time treatment.

Intensive Psychiatric Residential Treatment (iPRTF)

Within the Charlotte PRTF, Alexander Youth Network also offers Intensive Psychiatric Residential Treatment (iPRTF). IPRTF is a collaborative effort between Alexander and Alliance Managed Care Organization which offers the same components as the PRTF program, but with a greater focus on family involvement.

Families in the iPRTF program have a dedicated licensed clinician and family partner who work with families to address any barriers or concerns that may prevent successful reunification. The family partner will remain involved with the family for 12-15 months post-discharge. Children served in this program must have an identified long-term family. This can be a pre-adoptive family as well.

Beth Jones
Family Cottage

In 2018, Alexander opened the Beth Jones Family Cottages to serve the families of children in our Charlotte Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF). Two, brand new family cottages allow parents and families to stay on our PRTF main campus for extended periods of time.

Charlotte Psychiatric Residential
Treatment Facility Contact Information

Address: 6220 Thermal Rd., Charlotte NC, 28211

Phone: (704) 366-8712

Treatment: Long term, therapeutic treatment in a residential setting for children with advanced mental and behavioral health needs. 

Ages: 5-13 years old

Length of Stay: Dependent on 30-day Assessment, but on average,120 days or less

Insurances: Contact the Intake Department for insurance-related questions at or by calling (855) 362-8470.

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