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Spring Cleaning for the Mind: Nurturing Mental Wellness in Children and Teens this Spring

As spring arrives, it’s not just a time for cleaning our physical spaces; it’s also a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to assist their kids with a mental spring cleaning. Just like tidying up our surroundings, taking care of our children’s mental health is important for their overall well-being during this season. Let’s explore practical strategies and activities to help children and teens clear out negative thoughts and emotions as we embrace spring.

Encourage Children and Teens to Recognize Negative Thought Patterns

It’s important for parents and caregivers to regularly talk to children about their emotions. This helps them to be aware of their emotions and determine when something doesn’t feel right. It also helps parents provide support to children and teens when they communicate how they feel. If you feel that you cannot help your child process their emotions, then it’s important to seek help – whether through school-based resources such as counselors or in an outpatient therapy setting.

Build Connections with Your Kids

Consider taking walks or partaking in fun physical activities together such as playing catch or a game of basketball. Believe it or not, this one-on-one time builds trust and can open the door for difficult conversations. And remember, these conversations don’t sometimes happen overnight, but consistent and regular interactions, coupled with nonjudgement, can create a safe space for kids to express themselves.

Consider a Digital Detox

Taking a break from social media and other forms of digital media can be helpful for children. If children are struggling to take a break from social media, try incorporating social accounts that help children talk about their mental health and feelings. Parents can also use time limits for screen time or create quiet time in the home for reading, reflection or journaling. These small steps can help children take a break from the constant stimulus of digital media.

As we journey towards mental wellness together this spring, let’s explore practical resources, activities, and conversations that nurture positive mental health and help our children spring forward in a healthy way.


Written by Stacia Jackson

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