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Happy Anniversary Leonard Shinhoster!

Leonard Shinhoster Celebrates 23 Years at Alexander Youth Network!

Happy 23-year “AYN*niversary” to Leonard Shinhoster, our Vice President of Residential Services!

Leonard joined Alexander Youth Network in 2000 and noted, “When I joined AYN 23 years ago, I honestly did not know what culture I was walking into coming from another agency where the culture was somewhat toxic. I quickly realized AYN was different, and have grown career-wise with this agency ever since.”

With a long-standing career within the mental health field as well as with Alexander, Leonard mentioned, “For the last 23 years, I have watched this agency grow with the leadership of our CEO. I love that as an agency we have grown to have an array of services that benefits consumers in a variety of levels of care.”

When it comes to his gratitude towards AYN, Leonard expressed, “ I am grateful for the professional and personal relationships I have built over the last 23 years. We are truly a work family with the same mission to serve as many kids as possible and consistently work to give them the best mental health services with our full array.”

Leonard, we are grateful for your leadership, dedication, and knowledge that you instill in the staff and the children we serve!

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