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Happy Anniversary Buddy Plummer!

Buddy Plummer Celebrates 20 Years at Alexander Youth Network!

Happy 20-year “AYN*niversary” to Buddy Plummer, our Vice President of Performance Improvement!

When asked why he chose to work for Alexander Youth Network, Buddy shared, “In a way, AYN chose me.  I started working with AYN when we took over operations of the group homes from Piedmont Behavioral Healthcare back in 2003.  I’ve chosen to work for AYN every day since because of our commitment to helping children and families heal.”

Buddy has worked a variety of jobs at Alexander and mentioned, “I love working with the committed staff we have at Alexander.  I no longer work directly with children, so being able to share my experiences and the tools we have to make a difference in children’s lives at Alexander keeps me going.  I love seeing staff being able to multiply our impact by using simple performance improvement strategies.  Helping and supporting our staff has become a new mission for me as we all work together to help children and families in our communities.”

Lastly, when asked about what he is grateful for regarding his career thus far with AYN, he responded,  “I’m grateful to AYN for investing in me and allowing me to discover a career here.  When I first started as a 3rd shift Behavioral Health Counselor, I didn’t really have an idea what Quality or Performance Improvement was.  My passion and calling to help children found an easy place to grow in Alexander’s commitment to providing effective and efficient ways to serve children and their families.  I will forever be grateful for that.”

Buddy from all of us at Alexander Youth Network, we are grateful for your leadership, commitment to quality, and passion for the kids and families we serve!

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