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Happy Anniversary Erika Moss!

Erika Moss Celebrates 10 Years at Alexander Youth Network!

Happy 10-year “AYN*niversary” to our Case Support Manager, Erika Moss!

After graduating from UNC-Greensboro with degrees in Psychology and Theatre, Erika entered the professional world as a stage actress and technician for various resident theatres around the country. While she loved her years as a performer, Erika decided to purse a career in banking. Unfulfilled, she eventually decided to stay at home with her newborn daughter. A year and a half later, Erika desired a purpose outside of my home and searched for a career where she could make a difference.

“I came across an opening for an Administrative Assistant position with Alexander’s Shelby Day Treatment program and after researching this organization, I knew that Alexander Youth Network was where my purpose lay, and I was right,” Erika said. “During my first year, my supervisor at the time even allowed me to hold Drama classes for our clients!”

“One of the most profound things that I enjoy is the teamwork philosophy across the entire agency. We are spread from Spindale to Wilmington, but it often feels as if all 500+ of us work in the same building,” Erika said when asked what she loves most about working at Alexander.

“I am very grateful to work for an agency where personal and professional growth is not only encouraged but supported.  Ten years after being hired as Administrative Assistant for Shelby Day Treatment, I now manage an incredible team of 10 administrative support staff across the State, and I am the most fulfilled I’ve ever been in my life,” Erika said about what she’s most grateful for about working for Alexander.

“I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise over these ten years, and that will never stop.”

Congratulations on 10 years with Alexander, Erika! Your hard work and dedication have made a lasting impact on our clients and their families that we serve!

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