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Therapeutic Foster Care

Designed for children and adolescents

What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

At Alexander Youth Network, our Therapeutic Foster Care program is designed for children and adolescents who would benefit from a therapeutic in-home environment for the treatment of their mental health challenges, trauma-based behaviors, or severe emotional disturbances.

Our program also provides treatment parents with skills and techniques to create a structured, nurturing, and safe environment for foster children and youth with mental or behavioral challenges.

Therapeutic Foster Care Program

In our Therapeutic Foster Care programs, our approach is designed to create a partnership between families and therapeutic foster parents to promote healing for children!

Become A Therapeutic Foster Care Parent

Interested in becoming a Therapeutic Foster Care Parent at Alexander Youth Network? We provide assistance to potential parents each step of the way. From the application process to training, licensing, and initial placement, the team at Alexander will help you succeed!

Parents work closely with a dedicated team to assist them through the entire process of becoming foster parents. Being a therapeutic foster parent allows you to be part of a team of caregivers. Alexander encourages foster parents to work alongside biological parents and guardians, as well as our mental health staff to provide a therapeutic structure-based environment for children.

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