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Service Overview

Alexander Youth Network provides behavioral health treatment for children and young adults in North Carolina. Headquartered in Charlotte, with service locations in the central, western and Southern Piedmont regions of North Carolina, Alexander has combined a variety of treatment programs into a complete Service Array. The behavioral health treatment programs within the service array complement each other to help children transition to the appropriate program as they begin to heal. As a child improves, we can continue to offer customized treatment for each child and stability within the service array at Alexander.

Without a Service Array

Children are moved repeatedly to get the treatment they need. Relationships fragment and treatment becomes difficult.


With a Service Array

Relationships have a chance to stay intact, positive changes take root and children learn new patterns and behaviors. Children improve faster with lasting results.


Alexander Programs & Services

Alexander Youth Network offers 12 programs and services throughout North Carolina to meet the varying needs of children in our care. The programs at Alexander range from diagnostic and outpatient services community-based programs, substance use treatment, day treatment, and residential treatment. Each program is designed to provide children with the appropriate support and therapy based on their individualized Person-Centered, diagnosis, and developmental needs.  

Diagnostic and Outpatient Services: The board-certified psychiatrists at Alexander provide diagnostic testing, clinical assessments, and outpatient therapy services including individual, group and family therapies to manage behavioral challenges.

Community-Based Programs: Community-based programs are delivered in the home and community to use the child’s natural support systems and networks to identify challenges and provide appropriate skill interventions to manage them.

Substance Use Treatment: Alexander Youth Network offers substance use treatment in Charlotte in collaboration with Anuvia Prevention Services. Through this partnership all clients of Alexander Youth Network and The Relatives, ages 12-17, are screened for substance use services when appropriate. In addition, Alexander Youth Network also integrates substance use treatment into the following programs in Greensboro, NC:

  • Structured Day Treatment*
  • ASAP Group Home*

Day Treatment/Intensive Outpatient: Our 15-day treatment programs* serve children and adolescents from across the region and provide treatment in structured setting.

Residential Treatment: Alexander Youth Network operates two Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTF), which serve all counties in North Carolina. Our facilities are based in Charlotte and Greensboro.

  • 36-bed Psychiatric Residential Treatment in Charlotte (ages 5-14)
  • 12-bed Psychiatric Residential Treatment in Greensboro (ages 12-17)*
*On September 1, 2019, behavioral health services of Youth Focus, Inc. will become Alexander Youth Network.