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Happy Anniversary Ashley Conrad!

Ashley Conrad, President and Chief Operating Officer, Celebrates 16 Years at Alexander Youth Network!,

Happy 16-year “AYN*niversary” to our President and COO, Ashley Conrad, MSL.

Ashley first joined Alexander in 2007 as Program Manager for the Beacon Hall Day Treatment program in Dallas, North Carolina and transitioned into the role of Executive Director for the Pathways/Partners Division in 2009. She was the CEO of Youth Opportunities in 2015 until full consolidation under Alexander Youth Network in February 2016.

“I was working for a smaller agency and felt Alexander Youth Network would allow me to grow as a professional and with a larger scale of impact for children and families,” Ashley said about what led her to Alexander. “I knew I loved working with the child and adolescent population and wanted to feel like I had a greater impact.”

When asked what she enjoys most about being the President and COO, Ashley said, “I love my team and helping others grow in their role. I have a more indirect impact with our children and families in this role, but I feel like I can work through the teams to still advocate and get them what they need.”

“I’m grateful for all the growth opportunities that have been provided to me and the trust others had in me to take on new roles within the agency,” Ashley said reflecting on her experiences. “I get to work with such amazing people in so many different roles and learn from them.”

Congratulations, Ashley on celebrating an incredible 18-year anniversary! Your exceptional leadership and dedication have been instrumental in steering our organization toward success and growth. Here’s to many more years of your invaluable contributions!

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