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Alexander Establishes an All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program

Alexander Establishes an All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program.

Alexander Youth Network is excited to be chosen as a partner with Alliance Behavioral Health to pilot an All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (IPRTF).

IPRTF is designed to address the barriers to successful discharge, long term therapeutic gains, and reduced likelihood of readmission. Through the partnership with Alliance Behavioral Health, the IPRTF program includes the traditional elements of our current PRTF, such as the NMT model, structure and routines, positive human interactions, and targeted activities with an increased presence in the family’s home and community. The focus on family involvement combined with a shorter stay in residential treatment is designed to promote stable support systems to promote an earlier discharge long term management of their mental and behavioral challenges.

The IPRTF program model was initially implemented by Magellan Health Services in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. The Magellan program saw improved discharge outcomes after year one and year two of implementation.

The goals of this program are to:

  1. Help children successfully transition back home following residential treatment by focusing on the family dynamic

  2. Reduce the child’s length of stay by integrating their families into their treatment

  3. Reduce future readmissions.

As a part of the IPRTF program, Alexander will be providing families and their children with a family partner and therapist to coordinate family therapy sessions and family visits. Case managers and therapists will be located in the Alliance catchment area, but will frequently visit our residential campus in Charlotte to manage the child’s progression while in treatment.

Alexander is excited to have been selected by Alliance to partake in this pilot to advance the care of children with mental and behavioral health challenges in the state of North Carolina. This project is in part due to a two-year grant from the state to support the pilot initiative. For more information on the program, please visit the program webpage.

Written by Stacia Jackson and Emily Gordon.

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