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Substance Use Treatment

Substance Use Treatment

Providing support to combat substance-related challenges

Outpatient substance use treatment at Alexander Youth Network offers solutions to meet your child’s emotional, behavioral, and substance-related challenges. While in this program, our trained clinicians will create treatment plans to address the specific needs and substance use challenges of each child.

We will work to combine counseling with psychoeducation, conflict resolution, emotion regulation, anger management, and crisis intervention to assist your child in identifying triggers and support healthy decision-making while promoting abstinence.

Outpatient Substance Use Counseling services are provided in High Point and Greensboro, NC following the Seven Challenges model. This evidence based approach and best practice model has been shown to significantly decrease substance abuse by adolescents and greatly improves their overall mental health status.  Additionally, data has shown this treatment approach is especially effective for youth who have experienced trauma.

Collaborative Care With Family and Caregivers

Through coaching, psychoeducation, and support, our substance use counselors collaborate with family members to support the young person in their recovery from substance use challenges and the development of healthier life choices.

Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center

Through a partnership with Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alexander Youth Network offers screenings to all clients, ages 12-17. This collaboration works to effectively reduce active substance use among adolescents by providing access to behavioral health treatment and substance use treatment at the same time. This dual partnership allows therapists and counselors at Alexander to identify underlying behavioral health challenges that are triggers for substance use. Screening services are available in Charlotte, North Carolina. Anuvia also supports adolescent and teenage clients through our affiliate agency The Relatives.

Youth Substance Use Statistics

Substance use continues to impact the teen population throughout North Carolina. Within the juvenile justice system for the state, 21.5% of involved youth are current substance users. Among middle and high school youth in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, 12.9% are current alcohol users, 13.3% are current marijuana users, and 12.8% are current e-cigarette users.


Personalized treatment for children experiencing home, school, or community setbacks due to their use of drugs or alcohol.


12-17 years old

Length of Stay

The average length of treatment is usually 3 – 6 months.


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Substance Use Outpatient Treatment
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Partnership with Anuvia
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Medicaid, Most private insurances

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