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therapeutic drumming for kids

Therapeutic Drumming at Alexander Youth Network

Alexander provides children with a patterned and rhythmic activity to self-regulate

Our Therapeutic Drumming Program is an innovative approach to healing. Through our treatment model, based on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, drumming is an activity to rebuild behavioral patterns through synchronous brain activity.

Children create predictable, rhythmic patterns while drumming, which the brain recognizes. These patterns mimic healthy brain sequences typically disrupted by stress and trauma.

By repeating rhythms in a self-regulative setting, children are able to form healthy brain patterns in response to stress and severe emotional situations.

At Alexander, structured activities serve as therapeutic outlets for children with severe emotional and behavioral health issues. These activities allow children to interact with therapists, volunteers, family members, and peers. Meanwhile, they establish trust and build positive relationships.

Therapeutic drumming provides self-expression and an emotional release

While drumming, children are able to focus their energies on one task, rather than potential stressors around them. Drumming often allows children to feel:

  • Empowered to externalize their emotions in a healthy and safe environment
  • Connected to their inner-selves
  • Relieved from stress

Drumming helps heal and rebuild

By rebuilding healthy brain patterns through drumming, children are able to better manage stress and trauma. The drumming program is offered as a therapeutic activity in our day treatment and residential therapy programs.

To learn about our drumming program and services at Alexander, please contact a member of our Access Team.

Phone: 855.362.8470 | Email: intake@alexanderyouthnetwork.org

To learn how the drumming program can be incorporated into your child’s Person-Centered Plan please contact your child’s case coordinator by phone or email. You can also call 855.362.8470 for more information.

To support the drumming program and other therapeutic programs at Alexander, please contact Lynn Crutchfield.

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