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IAFT at Alexander Youth Network, intensive foster care for children and young adults

Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT)

Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® or IAFT is one of Alexander Youth Network’s Therapeutic Foster Care services, providing an advanced level of behavioral care in a family environment.

Program Overview

IAFT is a highly-structured placement option for children and young adults with significant behavioral and emotional challenges. This evidence-based, family-centered model supports children’s success through a loving and therapeutic living environment. Children and young adults ages 6-21 are eligible for IAFT.

What makes IAFT® an effective treatment option?

  • Trained and licensed parents with a history of success for high-risk children
  • Close monitoring and communication:
    • Daily contact with the treatment parent
    • Weekly contact with a team of professionals responsible for the child’s plan of care
  • Respite support
  • Psychiatric oversight and 24/7 crisis support
  • Only one child placed in a home to emphasize the child’s individual needs
  • Consistent behavioral intervention plans
  • Access to specialized therapeutic services and evidence-based training
  • Treatment evaluations during and post-treatment for successful outcomes

You can change the future, one child at a time. Alexander is looking for patient and understanding adults over 21 years of age from a large multi-county area throughout the Piedmont and Foothills of North Carolina.

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