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Intensive In-Home


Collaborative treatment between children, families, and the Alexander team to redirect negative behavior through positive and empowering self-reflection with a goal to support productive engagement. The specific services and interventions provided through IIH will vary depending on the unique needs and circumstances of each family.


3-20 years old

Length of Stay

The average length of treatment is 3-5 months


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Catawba, Cleveland, Cumberland, Davie, Forsyth, Gaston, Guilford, Harnett, Hoke, Iredell, Lee, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Moore, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham, Scotland, Stokes

Intensive In-Home Programming

Support for Mental and Behavioral Changes

The Intensive In-Home (IIH) program at Alexander Youth Network is a community-based mental health service designed to provide intensive and individualized support to children and families who are experiencing significant emotional or behavioral challenges. IIH is typically provided by mental health professionals who work in the family’s home or in other community settings with a goal to assist children and their families in identifying the causes of troublesome behaviors.

IIH may be appropriate for children and families who are struggling with a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders, and trauma-related disorders. The service is often provided to children and youth who have experienced significant disruptions in their home or school life, such as family conflict, changes in living arrangements, or exposure to violence or abuse.

By using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), an intervention that focuses on redirecting negative behavior through positive and empowering self-reflection, the IIH program model is designed to provide children with concentrated tools to manage their behaviors while maintaining their family and community dynamic.

Collaborative Care With Family and Caregivers

At Alexander, we understand that family and community support dynamics are vital to successful treatment. We are dedicated to providing children and parents with the skills needed for promoting a healthy living environment and sustaining positive behavior post-treatment. This program creates a team between children, families, and our counselors to provide hands-on support for mental and behavioral changes.

IIH may involve a range of services, including individual therapy, family therapy, case management, and crisis intervention. The goal of IIH is to help children and families develop the skills and resources they need to manage their emotional and behavioral challenges, and to prevent out-of-home placements or hospitalizations.

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