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How Safe is our Donor and Volunteer’s Information?

As the Database Administrator for our donor relationship management application – The Raiser’s Edge (RE), I understand how important it is to take your data seriously. It is our top priority at Alexander Children’s Foundation to make sure your digital information is protected from unauthorized access or theft. Below are some of the steps that we take to protect your data every day.

Security Permissions

Every individual with access to The Raiser’s Edge has appropriate permissions within the application. This means that each user is only assigned access to the information and areas of the application they need to do their job.

Multi-factor Authentication

We require Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for each of our users. MFA is an electronic authentication method requires users to successfully enter two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism in order to gain access. In our case, all users must authenticate themselves through a separate application (usually on a second device) that only they can access.


We restrict our RE users from using public Wi-Fi networks or unsecured connections while working in the RE application.

Data Breach

In the event of a worst-case scenario and a data breach involving your data were ever to occur, you will be notified immediately.


For more information of our data security please clink on the links below:

ACF/AYN Donor Privacy Policy

Raiser’s Edge is a fundraising and constituent relationship management system, designed by Blackbaud. Alexander Children’s Foundation shares information with Blackbaud, which has their own privacy policies, listed here.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your data, please contact James Rivera at jrivera@aynkids.

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