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Finding Positive Inspirations In Relationships

Alexander Youth Network Accountant, Katrina McCain, talks about pursuing her passions outside of the office, with the support of the positive work and personal relationships she cultivated along the way.

For the past 11 years, Katrina McCain, has been an accountant with Alexander Youth Network. She started as the Assistant Director of Finance at Youth Focus in Greensboro and formally switched to Alexander this past fall through the merger of both agencies. McCain has dedicated herself to the mission of helping others and is committed to the family environment of both agencies. The familial and supportive atmosphere has given her the confidence to pursue her passions outside of the office.

This past November, Katrina published her first book. Her initial print-run of “Because She Decided to Love,” includes 35 different poems focusing on the importance of love in all relationships. McCain notes that the poems are not all about “romantic love” and that she has been able to find positive inspiration in different relationships in her own life.

“Loving family, loving yourself, and loving God – each of these relationships have been important to be and inspirations for me to persevere.” – Katrina McCain

McCain’s book reminds us that the root of love and positive relationships can be an inspiration. Writing each poem allowed Katrina to process her own life experiences and reflect on love she that helped her overcome. It is similar to how we guide our programs at Alexander. We teach our kids how to trust, rebuild relationships, and most importantly through those positive interactions they will overcome their traumas for a hopeful future.

Her book also reminds us how important creative outlets are for managing stress and healing. She recounts that while a book was not her original goal, the four month process of writing, meeting with publishers, multiple rounds of edits, and ultimately launching the book reminded her how important writing was in the first place. As a kid and throughout high school, Katrina was a writer but took a break during her early twenties. Picking up the pen to write about her latest 20 years of life has helped her realize her personal goal of publishing a book was so worth it. “I was in this space that was urging me to write for months and first poem I wrote came in 10 minutes. It was easy for me to talk about these relationships but I had to get to the point where I was emotionally ready.” ,said McCain.

“I was in this space that was urging me to write for months and once I did my first poem came in 10 minutes. It was easy for me to talk about but I just hadn’t yet.” McCain mentions the ease poetry provides her to express the importance of the relationships in her life.

Ultimately, Katrina’s book of poems is more than a creative project. It is a personal reminder of expression and healing as well as a reminder to our community to do all things in love. Our interactions with kids, clients, our colleagues, and most importantly ourselves, has an impact in their lives and can be a positive and long lasting one.

Katrina McCain is originally from Nashville, NC. She has resided in Greensboro for the past 15 years, now with her son and granddaughter. “Because She Decided to Love,” is her first publication of poetry. She has plans to continue writing in hopes of releasing a children’s book to empower children with disabilities. You can connect with Katrina on Facebook and Instagram @poetKatrinaMcCain.

Written by Emily Gordon.

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