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Crisis Center


Crisis stabilization for mental health emergencies, dangerous behaviors, or intoxication from drugs or alcohol.


6-17 Years Old

Length of Stay

Average length of stay 7-14 days


NC Medicaid with Trillium Health, Alliance Health, Sandhills Center, Vaya Health, Eastpointe and Partners. NC Medicaid Direct with Optum UHC, HealthyBlue, and AmeriHealth.


925 Third St.,
Greensboro, NC 27405


Main: (336) 375-5006

Referrals/Nurse Line:               (336) 231-0670

(If a child or adolescent is experiencing a life-threatening crisis contact 911 for emergency assistance.)

Youth & Adolescent Facility Based Crisis Center

Mental Health Crisis Treatment

The Youth and Adolescent Facility-Based Crisis (FBC) program at Alexander Youth Network offers an alternative to hospitalization or emergency room visits for children experiencing a crisis that requires a restrictive residential setting to reach stability.

Collaborative Care with Families and Caregivers

Our team at the Facility-Based Crisis program believes that interaction with families and caregivers is an important piece of treatment. We encourage families and caregivers to visit and require participation in regular team meetings as we work to make the best recommendations for your child. Together, with our staff, caregivers will be encouraged to share their experiences and desires for treatment outcomes for children in our care.

What is the Facility-Based Crisis Program?

The Facility-Based Crisis program is a short-term and medically monitored service provided in a secure facility designed to maintain safety and achieve stabilization for children and adolescents in crisis as a result of:

  • A mental health emergency
  • An intellectual or developmental disability
  • A substance use disorder

This service is available 24 hours a day and consists of a team of our professionals including a psychiatrist, licensed therapists, and others.

Support After Discharge

In addition to providing crisis stabilization and assessments, Alexander Youth Network will also connect your child to after-care services. Our discharge planning begins upon admission and includes:

  • Arrangements to new or existing community-based services that will provide further support for your child upon discharge
  • Coordination of after-care services with other involved providers, including your child’s Primary Care Practitioner and any involved specialists
  • Contact for re-entry planning purposes with your child’s school
  • Referrals for a higher level of care, if necessary
  • Identifying and providing connections with natural supports in the community
  • Developing a crisis plan to best assist you and your child in preventing and managing future crisis events
  • 30-day prescriptions to help bridge the gap between discharge and medication management

Safety & Security

Our Facility-Based Crisis Center is safe for kids and adolescents and includes: 

  • Secure buildings and doors
  • Medication monitoring
  • Separate spaces for girls, boys, and children

The Facility-Based Crisis Center is a partnership between Alexander Youth Network and Sandhills Center Mental Health Services. Under the guidance of the County Commissioners and Guilford County Behavioral Health Oversight committee, AYN and Sandhills Center have partnered with the county and Cone Health to bring an array of needed mental health crisis services to the Greensboro/Triad area.

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