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Employee Spotlight: Thomas Montaglione

Thomas Montaligone’s career in behavioral health spans 8 years, with 5 of those years being spent in the Charlotte area. In that short amount of time, Tom’s impact has been tremendous as he worked to become the Young Adult Program Manager for The Relatives.

As the Young Adult Program Manager, Tom helps manage the On Ramp Resource Center, which is a drop-in resource center for any young adult 16-24 years old who may need help making the successful evolution from youth to being an independent adult.  

During his time with The Relatives, Tom also helped create The Relatives’ Housing Program from the ground up. The Housing Program provides case management and scattered site housing to young adults ages 18-24 who are at-risk, experiencing homelessness, or fleeing domestic violence situations.  

Read more about Tom’s passions, inspirations, and experiences that make him such a valuable member of the Alexander team! 

What is your background in mental or behavioral health?  

I have been working in the behavioral health field for over eight years. I started out working third shift in a residential treatment facility before working my way up the ladder to become a case manager. I was hired as a transition specialist at The Relatives in 2016 and then went on to create the Housing Program from scratch. I am grateful that I can tell my employees that I started out where they are and achieved my current position through hard work. 

Who has been your inspiration for your career?  

My mom and my aunt continue to be my inspiration. My mom works in early intervention and my aunt is a principal at a small parochial school in upstate New York. Growing up, I struggled with school. My mom and aunt attended every IEP meeting and were strong advocates for my education. I was inspired to work hard to graduate and go to college because of how determined they were that I should succeed. They have shown me just how life-changing it can be to have someone in your corner. 

What has been you most rewarding experience at Alexander?  

My most rewarding experience during my time at AYN has been getting over 100 young adults into permanent housing. I have helped young adults move couches, gotten them beds, transported them to appointments, and thrown group baby showers just to make sure that they can make their apartment a home.


What helps you persevere through long days?   

The support of my strong staff is what helps me persevere through long days. Knowing that we have each other’s backs is a real relief when things get tough. My staff has been working non-stop since March to make sure that the young adults in Charlotte are still getting their needs met despite the pandemic. When things get really tough, I have a secret stash of chocolate in my desk that can make any day brighter! 

What advice would you give your younger self? 

If I were to give my younger self a piece of advice, it would be to always surround myself with positive people. And to buy stock in GameStop when it was valued at $3.95 a share!


Thomas Montaglione grew up in Rochester, NY before earning his undergraduate degree at Gannon University and his graduate degree at St. John’s University. Tom relocated to Charlotte five years ago when his wife got a teaching job in Cabarrus County. In his spare time, Tom likes playing video games and completing projects around his home. 

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