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Mental health issues don’t get better on their own, in fact ignoring them could lead to a person harming themselves or others.

Through a first of its kind behavioral health crisis center, Guilford County hopes to bridge the gap in mental health care.

The 60,000 square foot Greensboro facility keeps folks with mental challenges out of hospitals and emergency rooms, and into a place that provides short term care and resources.

Guilford County commissioner Alan Perdue said this keeps people from being pushed from one place to another, often leading to people not getting the help they need.

“The way behavioral health was being administered was problematic. There was not one place to go to get the answer to ‘how do I receive those service? What’s needed?,” Perdue said. “We looked at the model set forth by our family justice center here In the county and said we need to replicate that from a behavioral health stand point.”

Through a county collaboration with Cone Health, Sandhills and the Alexander Youth Network they were able to create a first of its kind model in North Carolina to reduce the barrier in mental health care.

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