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Volunteer Spotlight – Rachel Rodriguez

April 9, 2019  |  Comments Off on Volunteer Spotlight – Rachel Rodriguez

Rachel Rodriguez – Volleyball Instructor

Rachel has been a volunteer at Alexander Youth Network for over 20 years. She started volunteering as a lunch buddy but now offers volleyball clinics to the kids in the residential program. 

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am originally from Virginia Beach, VA but moved to Charlotte 24 years ago. I played volleyball as a collegiate athlete at Virginia Technical University, which is why I love to teach the kids at Alexander. I also have a small business, Blue Ridge Mitten Co., and make mitten and scarves from recycled wool and cashmere.

What is special about your time at Alexander?

Even though I teach the clinics for volleyball skills, I also sit and talk with them afterward. It gives me time to listen and visit with them rather than just coach. The kids are so sweet, they appreciate and love the attention.

” I volunteer at Alexander because I love the kids there.”

What has been your best moment as a volunteer?

My best moment is every visit when I walk onto campus with my volleyballs and the kids see me, their faces light up, and they say “VOLLEYBALL”!

What would you tell people interested in volunteering?

I would like to tell people interested in volunteering to GO FOR IT!  Give back doing something you love to do.  I love kids and I love volleyball so it is a great setup for me.  Make your volunteering niche happen!  It is so personally rewarding.

Anything else you want to share…

I always say if I ever win the lottery, I am going to build a new amazing gym on campus.

“I want to be a good example to my children that volunteering and giving back to the community is important.”


Written by Emily Gordon.


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