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Volunteer Spotlight – Lisa Brown

April 10, 2019  |  Comments Off on Volunteer Spotlight – Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown is a volunteer at Alexander Youth Network through Randall-Reilly, where she is the Content Development Manager. She has two young kids of her own that serve as inspiration for the activities she hosts for the kids at Alexander – this includes making slime, playing games, and even the obstacle course they put together one day. 


Randall Reilly GroupHow do you volunteer at Alexander?

Our company, Randall-Reilly, has been working with a number of local charities over the past few years. They encourage their employees to help give back to the community through volunteering and donations. We have been fortunate enough to participate in a variety of activities including birthday parties, creating Valentine’s Day crafts with the kids, and decorating classroom bulletin boards.

Why do you volunteer at Alexander?

Our company first volunteered at Alexander Youth Network through the Bright Blessings Adopt-a-Party last Fall. Our October birthday party included plenty of pumpkin décor with coloring activities, decorating masks and crowns, and an obstacle course. We also enjoyed cupcakes together underneath an outdoor picnic table area.

While we have been able to help support local charities like Bright Blessings and Alexander Youth Network over the past few years, it has been most rewarding to volunteer our time face-to-face with those who need it. The kids at Alexander Youth Network are so much fun to be around. They are just looking for a positive influence in their life and have fun like any other kid would.

So, for me, I enjoy doing things that will benefit the kids in our community in a positive way.

What is your favorite activity to do with the kiddos?

I really enjoy doing crafts with the kids. We usually plan a variety of activities to choose from like coloring, bracelet/necklace making, and cut and paste type crafts. We’ve done arts and crafts for several birthday parties and also to celebrate special holidays like Valentine’s Day.

What has been your best moment as a volunteer?

Over the past week, our office has been preparing crafts and materials to decorate 3 classroom bulletin boards at Alexander. We have been working hard cutting, pasting, and gathering items. We hung bright paper backgrounds, spelled out uplifting and Spring messages, and added plenty of Spring decorations. My favorite bulletin board was inside a glass case where we hung 3-D sunflowers that said ‘Bee Amazing.’ It was filled with bees that each captioned positive messages like, Bee encouraging, Bee helpful, Bee kind. We were almost done decorating when we heard kids and staff walking by. The excitement on their faces and in their voices was awesome! That is my best moment as a volunteer, being able to see their reaction.

 What would you tell people interested in volunteering?

There are a lot of opportunities to choose from, so pick something that interests you or your group, such as sports, crafts or games. If you aren’t ready for the face-to-face interaction, I recommend helping organize an item drive. Just ask Alexander what their biggest needs are and start there. There are also a number of opportunities around the campus such as gardening and organizing the library. Whatever you choose, it will be appreciated.




Written by Emily Gordon.


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