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Speedway Children’s Charities Grant Helps Occupational Therapy Program

February 2, 2017  |  Comments Off on Speedway Children’s Charities Grant Helps Occupational Therapy Program

Alexander Youth Network


Thank you to Speedway Children’s Charities for providing a $17,930 grant to Alexander Youth Network’s Occupational Therapy program. The funding will help provide the tools to create a calming and healing environment for the kids, including floors, lighting, storage and furniture. In addition, the funds will allow the purchase of necessary activities and supplies, including publications, deep-pressure rolling pins, self-calming cards, squeeze balls, finger paints, pencil grips, small trampolines and more. These tools help to treat the children and provide the resources necessary to meet each child’s sensory needs. “With appropriate intervention these kids will be more settled in their environment and their bodies, allowing them to make better human connections, moving them toward strengthening their skills in the other most complex areas of the brain, the relational and cognitive areas,” said Sarah Cummings, Education Manager. “We are very grateful for this grant and to be able to provide a state of the art environment for our kids to receive Occupational Therapy services. The funds really help us meet the intense and specific needs of each child, as well as help our staff do what they all love doing, to go above and beyond for the kids.”


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