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You can change a child’s life – Apply to the team at Alexander Youth Network.

Alexander Youth Network provides treatment to children with behavioral and mental health problems. Our comprehensive array of over 10 treatment programs and services offers children and families skills to overcome behavioral challenges.

The Alexander umbrella also extends its services to youth and young adults and/or facing homelessness through The Relatives and Youth Focus. Through a continuum of services at our resource centers and crisis centers, youth are supported in job placement, secure housing, education, and access to healthcare.

We have 10 offices and offer behavioral health services to kids throughout the state of North Carolina. Each year, Alexander Youth Network, The Relatives, and Youth Focus provide care for more than 10,000 kids and families in the state.

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For more information about internships and practicum placements, please reach out to the Human Resource department by email,

Alexander Youth Network recruits for the following types of positions:

Work with Children

Careers at Alexander allow you to work with children and young adults to teach them how to overcome behavioral, mental, and life-related challenges.

Work with Families

Our Integrated care model focuses on developing a strong support system to manage kid’s recovery and transition. Staff work with parents, guardians, and families to establish goals that help develop skills for children suffering from mental and behavioral health disorders.

Work with the Community

Alexander is committed to building a resilient community to support the needs of children and young adults. Our staff work in the community to develop relationships and foster growth.

Work across Alexander

Staff have exclusive access to open positions within the agency and across the state.

Intern at Alexander

Internships are available for different positions at Alexander. Throughout the year we offer several opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to learn more about mental health, counseling, therapeutic services, and additional support roles. To learn more about our internship and practicum opportunities please email our Internship team in the Human Resource department.

Benefits of Alexander

We offer a variety of employer-sponsored benefits to our staff.

    • Insurance

      • Employer Funded Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance, FSA Benefits program
      • Long Term / Short Term Disability Insurance
      • Employer-sponsored Life Insurance
    • Annual Leave

      • Monthly personal leave
      • Paid Annual leave
    • Savings

      • Retirement Plan 401K
      • Specialty Discounts
      • Credit Union

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