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Rapid Response Crisis Homes & Services for Children and Adolescents

Alexander Youth Network provides Rapid Response Crisis Homes to offer brief treatment, structure and supervision to children with serious mental and behavioral challenges. This periodic service is provided on either a planned or emergency basis, and can also provide temporary relief to primary caregivers, who may experience stress while managing their child’s treatment.

This service is designed to provide short-term treatment to support family stability, prevent abuse and neglect, provide structure and supervision for the child, as well as provide a therapeutic environment. Our team completes a comprehensive child and family assessment/evaluation, to help address underlying challenges the child and family may be facing, and to ensure that children are able to return to their home environment safely. Through Rapid Response services, families are able to determine if any changes should be made to a treatment plan to prevent future crises.

Rapid Response Crisis Services Helps Keep Children and Families Together.

Rapid Response Crisis Homes provide children and youth in need of intensive intervention with structure and stability when they are experiencing challenges. While utilizing this service children and families are provided with support including:

  • Individualized, intensive supervision and structure, designed to minimize disruptive behaviors.
  • Treatment management information for the family, caregivers and other individuals involved in the child’s care.
  • Specific, individualized interventions, intensive crisis or crisis prevention management including de-escalation interventions, with the goal being keeping child in naturally occurring community support system
  • Provide child and family/caregivers with community services and resources
  • Availability for immediate response and placement for up to ten days

Creating a Child-Centered Response Plan.

Rapid Response is a crisis service that is temporary and focuses on providing child-centered solutions to barriers to care during mental and behavioral health treatment.  The goal to support individuals and families in maintaining stability and to allow youth to continue to heal through their person-centered treatment plan.  Through Rapid Response, our certified team works with youth and families to promote growth and healing, provide improved home stability, and decreased hospital admissions.

Rapid Response Offers Immediate Placements for a Child in Crisis.

Alexander Youth Network offers Rapid Response Services in the Partners MCO region for children in need. To refer a child in need and access a placement call, the Partners Crisis Line at 1-888-235-4673.