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Intensive Substance Use Treatment

Alexander Youth Network provides Intensive Substance Use Treatment through our community and family-based HYPE program.

Helping Youth Pursue Excellence (HYPE) is a new program within Alexander Youth Network’s Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program. HYPE provides a series of structured individual, family, and group activities and services in an outpatient setting designed to assist adolescents with addiction disorders. The goal is to begin recovery and learn skills for recovery maintenance while providing education in wellness and life skills.

The HYPE program motivates adolescents and increases engagement among families by providing wraparound services in addition to substance use treatment. Wraparound services include activities, transportation, and meals to engage youth and their families – so they experience healing from substance use disorders, together.

Who can participate in the HYPE Program?

Guilford and Forsyth County youth, ages 13-17, who need substance use treatment and their families. HYPE is also appropriate for adolescents involved with Juvenile Justice.

When is the HYPE Program offered?

The HYPE program is offered three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4 – 7 pm.

How does the HYPE Program work with families?

The goal of HYPE is to have 100% participation and family engagement. HYPE combines group and individual substance use treatment with recreational group outings and activities. Activities, meals, and transportation are covered as part of the program.

HYPE Program Schedule:

  • Monday & Wednesday – Group and individual counseling combined with wellness and life skills education
  • Friday – Community Outing Days. Activities include bowling, plays and other recreational outings

Learn more about Intensive Substance Treatment and the HYPE Program at Alexander Youth Network.

To learn more about the HYPE program at Alexander Youth Network or to make a referral contact, Sheretta Mitchell, Director of Substance Use Services at 336-542-0868 or by email. Please note that the HYPE program is a Medicaid-based service and takes place at our office at 309 Concord Street Greensboro, NC 27406.