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Alexander Youth Network provides behavioral health treatment through your pediatrician

Specialized Clinical Assessments

Alexander Youth Network offers comprehensive, specialized clinical assessments (CCAs) to diagnose and inform treatment planning for children. Our thorough clinical assessments help us determine the best course of action for behavioral health treatment. That way, you can rest assured that your child is receiving the best, most appropriate care for their specific needs.

Diagnostic Assessment

Alexander Youth Network provides diagnostic assessments to children and youth who are in need of a clinical determination for treatment. This service is available to those who are new to the mental health system, and assists in determining the appropriate level of services necessary to meet their needs. Alexander serves both individuals and families who voluntarily seek help, as well as those with a court-ordered diagnostic assessment.

Trauma Assessment

Children process emotional trauma differently. Following a traumatic event, we focus on each child’s unique neurobiological response. Our psychiatric assessment is based upon the child’s stress response measured using the following tools:

  • Alexander Youth Network’s Comprehensive Clinical Assessment includes a clinical interview of child, guardian/caretaker
  • Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children
  • UCLA Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Index

Functional Brain Metric

A brain metric is the product of a highly specialized assessment that tells us precisely what areas of the brain have not yet developed. It is not a diagnostic-imaging procedure. Alexander’s licensed clinicians, who are certified by the ChildTrauma Academy, conduct brain metrics. The map is a colorful depiction of the brain, making it easier for everyone involved in the child’s care to see where trauma affected the brain. It serves as a blueprint for the experts at Alexander to prescribe individualized treatment and track a child’s progress.

Psychological Evaluation

During a psychological evaluation, we obtain information about a child’s general intellect and emotional function to determine a probable diagnosis and inform a basis of treatment.

We evaluate each child uniquely by using the following tools:

  • Brief clinical interview
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV
  • Wide Range Achievement Test
  • Connors Behavior Checklist
  • Rorschach Inkblot Technique

A complete psychological evaluation includes the results of each individual test and a summary of findings. We offer a diagnostic impression (if requested) and psychiatric treatment recommendations.

We offer clinical assessments in the following offices:

Winston-Salem Office | 7670 Northpoint Ct., Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | 336.724.1412

Charlotte Main Campus | 6220 Thermal Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704-366-8712

Charlotte East Office | 5855 Executive Center Dr., #105, Charlotte, NC 28212 | 704.537.1202

Dallas Office | 1906 Dallas-Cherryville Hwy., Dallas, NC 28034 | 704.922.9115

Fayetteville Office | 1540 Purdue Drive – Suite 300, Fayetteville, NC 28303 | 910.222.6206

In addition to our offices, Alexander Youth Network has partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools to provide school-based assessments and outpatient therapy.

Let us help you! Speak with our Access Team to schedule an assessment.

Alexander works with a variety of LME/MCOs throughout North Carolina and accepts insurance from multiple providers. If you have questions about insurance and other coverage or would like to schedule an appointment for outpatient services please contact our Access Team at intake@aynkids.org or 855.362.8470.