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All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Alexander Youth Network engages families in a residential treatment program to encourage quicker and lasting healing.

Alexander Youth Network is partnering with Alliance Behavioral Health to offers families and children an All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment (IPRTF) program through a two-year grant fund. The pilot program will promote family engagement and long term healing. Children and their families are paired with personalized case managers and a therapist to manage treatment, encourage family therapy sessions, and promote family visits.

This program focuses on creating consistent interventions points with families and support systems to engage with children while they are in a residential program. As a part of the IPRTF program, Alexander will provide families and their children with a family partner and therapist to coordinate family therapy sessions and in-home skill building each week along with family visits.

Program Successes

A similar program model has shown positive outcomes in children’s recovery and success at Magellan Health Services in Lehigh, Pennsylvania.

Year One (17 clients):

      • Average length of stay decreased by 171 days
      • There were zero readmissions within 1-year post discharge
      • 64% of clients were discharged to family-based care

Year Two (24 clients):

      • Average length of stay decreased by 165 days (Year Two)
      • There was 1 admission to a residential program within 1-year post discharge
      • 48% of children are discharged family-based care (Year One)

Program Details

Each child and family is assigned their own therapist and case manager to promote contact with the family at least once a week in person along with increased family therapy sessions and family visits. Throughout treatment children in the All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment program, reside at our Residential Campus located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Case managers and therapists will be located in Fayetteville, NC to accommodate the families of the program and the Alliance Behavioral Health service area.

To learn more about our All-Inclusive Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program, please contact our Access Department by email, phone 855.362.8470, or download a referral form.