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Counselor and child at basketball court

Summer Day Treatment Programs at Alexander Youth Network

Prevent Summer Struggles with Summer Fun at Alexander

Day Treatment is a therapeutic program designed to help your child overcome their behavioral challenges – while it is similar to a school environment it is a treatment program. Day Treatment is a year-round program and runs 12 months a year to maintain support for children and their families.

Consistency is key to provide long-lasting results in behavioral health treatment.

According to studies, having a predictable, structured routine during the summer is key in helping kids thrive. The absence of structure in the summer can lead to anxiety, oppositional behaviors, and tantrums. A structured routine during the summer helps reduce:

• Anxiety, oppositional behaviors and tantrums
• Loss in progress towards treatment goals
• Difficulties in transitioning back to the classroom

At Alexander Youth Network, we provide fun therapeutic and structured activities throughout the summer like field trips, swimming, hiking, and pet therapy. Therapeutic activities are offered year-round to engage students and help them build the necessary skills to return to a traditional classroom.

To learn about summer programs and activities at Alexander Youth Network, please contact a member of your child’s treatment team or Day Treatment Program Manager by phone or email. For referrals, download a referral form or call a member of our Access team.