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Aftercare Services at Alexander Youth Network

Alexander Youth Network offers support and follow up to children and families post-treatment.

Alexander Youth Network ensures that children and families receive the support and services they need to continue their behavioral health success at post-treatment. Our goal is for children to maintain progress and continue on a path to recovery after they leave Alexander.

Through our Aftercare Specialist, we provide personal outreach to families who are no longer engaged with our programs or services or partnering agencies. This continued outreach enables families to be referred to treatment services along with family and community resources when necessary.

Supporting families. Maintaining progress.

Alexander Youth Network is committed to providing effective and lasting treatments to children with mental and behavioral health challenges. Our Model of Care encourages parents, guardians, and families to be engaged throughout treatment to support long term recovery and behavioral health management. Aftercare services support parents with medication management, therapeutic skill building, and social reintegration for the child.

Our Aftercare specialist is dedicated to providing resources to those families who face barriers in maintaining progress through clinical treatment.

Our specialist supports and coordinates:

  • Case management
  • Referrals for additional mental and behavioral health or social services
  • Academic and community-based programs including; after-school care, support groups,  need-based assistance programs

Our Aftercare Specialist is available to parents and guardians who have a child that has completed treatment at Alexander Youth Network and is no longer utilizing our programs and services.

To learn more and connect with our Aftercare Specialist by email or 704.401.3481. To refer a child to our programs and services, download a referral form and please contact our Access Department by email or phone 855.362.8470.