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To the Staff at Alexander Youth Network:

There are many of you who have had a direct and significant role in Z’s treatment. There are many more of you that have played a less frequent, but incredibly helpful role in his life over the last year. We would like to thank all of you for the love, care, and attention you have given to our son.

Leaving your child at a residential treatment center is not an easy decision to make and comes only after all other options have failed, much soul searching and many tears have been shed. we prayed that we were making the right choice for him and for the rest of our family. We feel like we did make the right decision and have been continually impressed with the love and compassion that you show the children at Alexander every day.

We know that your jobs are not easy. To stay calm and nurturing but time and consistent are not easy things to do – with one child let alone six or more. We want you to know how important your work is in the lives of these children. Z is fortunate to have a family that is consistent and always there for him. We know many of the children you work with do not. You are that family for the, and have been for our son for a year. Please don’t ever forget the impact you have on their lives and the positive influence you have had on ours.

Thank you all so much for everything you have done to help our family. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers.

With sincere gratitude –

The most helpful thing about the services we received at Alexander was that they didn’t give up on my child. Everybody was working as a team and before any decisions were made about my child’s treatment, I was asked for my input.

– Parent responses to our customer survey

I’ve just returned from a custody hearing related to a young client, whose attorney and custody advocate I am. Fran Hart and Tiesha Pressley and really the whole organization did a great job with this child in the Day Treatment Program at Alexander.  This child has a shot, a chance, because of the efforts of Ms. Hart, Ms. Pressley, and others.

John J Parker III
Lead Attorney, Custody Advocacy Program
Council for Children’s Rights

When performing a service the task is made so much easier when you have the support of a very caring and knowledgeable group. The team at Alexander is always available and they not only ensure that the needs of the children are met but ours as well. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Alexander helping our children grow into happy, productive adults.

The thing I love about working with the team at Alexander is that they are always so helpful, and they never say “No” or “I can’t” when you need answers to a question.

– Faye, mother of a child in treatment

I’ll never forget Jason.  When he came to Alexander he was 10 years old and we could not get him to look anyone in the eye.  He would constantly stare down at his feet. He was so neglected and so many of the things that you and I take for granted such as loving parents seemed impossible for Jason.

Within months we all started to see his life turn around.  He finally started to look others in eye when speaking, and he had found a loving foster family. But for Jason, this was not something normal. The staff here at Alexander had asked me to share some positive thoughts with him about family life. Over the next month, he had started to enjoy the thought of having a ‘forever’ family.

One day when we were leaving the cafeteria, he came and gave me a hug and said, “Mr. Tony, I love you, thank you for being my friend. You’re right, I’m going to enjoy having a family to come home to each day.”

What Alexander Youth Network had done was to instill hope, dignity, and love into this child’s life that he never had before. Every year, this organization helps hundreds of innocent children start a new life where they feel safe and loved. For some, the first time in their lives.  Some of you may be thinking, “What would I do if I volunteered?” I have built model ships, engines, and Hot Wheels racing tracks played board games, and read. Many times I just sat quietly and listened to what was troubling a child.

I will always cherish a special gift Jason made for me. It was a candle he made from an empty paper towel tube and tin foil. When he gave it to me, I asked him ‘why a candle’? He said it was because I was like a light to him when he was in a dark place.  That goes to show you what love can do for children in crisis if we only make ourselves available to them.

– Tony Belk, Volunteer