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Meet The Newest Additions At Beacon Hall – Animals At Alexander

October 18, 2019  |  Comments Off on Meet The Newest Additions At Beacon Hall – Animals At Alexander

Bark and Heal Continues to Help Heal at Beacon Hall Day Treatment.

In January of 2019, Alexander Youth Network piloted Bark and Heal as a therapeutic program to supplement treatment in the Psychiatric Residential program. This program was designed to provide the children with an opportunity to learn compassion, self-direction in activities, and patience along with a variety of other skills to help manage their behavioral and mental health challenges. Since the pilot class, Alexander has expanded to three-day treatment programs throughout the state and is launching the third class at our Beacon Hall Day Treatment in Gaston County.

Meet our kids and the dogs in the program:

Calico Jack BnW RetrieverSam & Calico Jack (Black and White Retriever Mix)

The two were matched based on their caring personalities. Sam is a caring boy always willing to help those in need of a little extra support. Together they will both learn patience and Calico Jack will learn that Sam will always be reliable, helping him learn to trust other humans.



Matt & Oz (German Short Haired Pointer)Oz GSP Mix

Oz was paired with Matt to help Matt learn self-control and how to control his energy level in the academic setting. Both Oz and Matt have a high energy level during Bark and Heal classes and otherwise. Matt will help boost Oz’s confidence to learn new skills while Oz will help Matt learn to work through frustrations without giving up.

Buffy Beagle HoundCady & Buffy (Beagle)

Cady is very shy and quiet just like Buffy. Buffy and Cady will work together to build confidence in themselves and others. Cady is super sweet and excited to show Buffy all the love they both deserve.




Kyle & Ghost (Australian Sheperd Mix)Ghost Aussie Mix

Kyle is working on learning how to learn self-control, to be more aware of his personal space, and how his body language can impact others. With Ghost, he will be able to learn these skills and become a calm and nurturing support for his canine companion. Ghost is in need of a little extra attention and love to heal through his own medical challenges at the moment.







To meet the dogs participating in the Bark and Heal program please reach out to Daryl Wagner for more information.

Written by Emily Gordon.


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