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Meet Lizzie, Charlie, Max, Sissy, and Vikki – Animals At Alexander

June 5, 2019  |  Comments Off on Meet Lizzie, Charlie, Max, Sissy, and Vikki – Animals At Alexander

The Bark and Heal program at Alexander Youth Network supports healing by demonstrating compassion and positive reinforcement through canine training.

This program pairs the children in the program with rescue dogs from FurBabies Animal Rescue and Clifford’s Army Rescue Extravaganza (C.A.R.E.) During the 8-week program children teach the dogs basic obedience skills for the Canine Good Citizenship test and which assists in finding their forever adoptive homes. The positive reinforcement and relationship building helps children at Alexander learn skills including; relationship building, social integration, self-regulation, and effective communication.

Meet the dogs selected for the second Bark and Heal class at Beacon Hall Day Treatment.

Lizzie for adoption

Lizzie – 2 y/o Hound Mix

Lizzie is a shy pup found alone in the countryside. Lizzie is paired with a kid who is a nurturer and helper. While Lizzie will get lots of love and encouragement to break out of her shell, Lizzie will teach her kiddos to be calm when needed.

Fun fact: Lizzie loves to cuddle!

Charlie for Adoption

Charlie – 6 m/o Collie Mix

Charlie and his kid were paired to help each other deal with a tragic loss. The Bark and Heal program will help both learn to heal and channel their energetic personalities to construction projects.

Fun Fact: Charlie may be little but he is a ball of energy!

Max for Adoption

Max – 11 m/o Armenian Gampr

Max was abandoned after losing his human mom in a car accident. Both Max and his kiddos need help dealing with feelings of abandonment. The bond between the two of them will help them manage their need for attention. Max and his kiddo are also the biggest ones on the playground. Bark and Heal will help them both learn how to be gentle and respectful of personal boundaries.

Fun Fact: Armenian Gampr’s are also known as the Ancient Wolfhounds

Sissy for Adoption

Sissy – 5 y/o Labrador Retriever

Both Sissy and her kiddo need some help creating social relationships. Sissy had little contact while previously used as a breed dog, her pairing with her kiddo will help her learn how to bond with a human and caregiver. Meanwhile, through the program, her kid will be able to increase his self-confidence and self-worth. Demonstrating commands, new skills, and tricks her kid amplify his soft-spoken demeanor.

Fun Fact:

Vikki for AdoptionVikki – 1 y/o Australian Shepard Mix

Vikki will help her kiddo learn that it is okay to stumble and make mistakes – which there are a lot of trials through the training process. Bark and Heal will allow them both to learn to love and trust in others.

Fun Fact: Vikki had a lot of brothers and sisters before coming to Bark and Heal and loves to make new friends.


To learn more about the Bark and Heal program, visit the program webpage or contact Program Director, Lori Douglas by email or phone 704.401.3489. 

All of the dogs in the Bark and Heal program at Beacon Hall Day Treatment are currently up for adoption. If you would like to meet one of the dogs and are interested in adoption please contact, Daryl Wagner, FurBabies Animal Rescue, or Deb Hardin, C.A.R.E.

Written by Emily Gordon.




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