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Finding What Sticks

September 2, 2020  |  Comments Off on Finding What Sticks

Lessons Learned From Social Work and Alexander Youth Network.

Jami GomesIn 2014, Jami Gomes moved to Charlotte after living in New York her entire life. While at that time it was not the move she was wanting, Jami found something at Alexander Youth Network that stuck and this changed her mind. The relationships and community that Jami built during her time with Alexander has been reflective of her career in social work and as a therapist.

“You never know what is going to stick with a client and change their perspective.”

The same goes for Jami.

She immediately fell in love with Alexander’s model of care and its mission. She didn’t think a job would change her mind set on moving to the south, but it did. Thinking back on it, Jami reflects that much of what she found in Alexander is what she hopes to build with all of her clients.

  • A safe space

  • Open communication

  • Free of judgment

  • Understanding

  • Trust

Despite working in a variety of roles during her time at Alexander, Jami has been able to make an impact on her staff and clients’ lives through building understanding and trust with one another. She mentioned that one of the most impactful clients in her own career was one of her first outpatient services clients when she started at Alexander. He originally started therapy after a school recommendation but discontinued after a few short months. After a sudden death in the family, he returned to services with Jami. He explained it was because of the connection and rapport she built with him the first time around.

“You are the only one who understood me” ~ former client

Gomes notes that building this safe and nonjudgmental relationship was vital to this client’s success and commitment to treatment. She shares that there have been few agencies in her career in which the connection therapists make with their clients is as genuine and dedicated as the ones at Alexander. Knowing that she experienced it first hand during her transition from New York gives her confidence in her team and the work of Alexander.

“The people at Alexander have gone above and beyond to welcome me into the fold and I see that every day with our clients. They do whatever they can to make sure the kids and families have what they need when they need it.”

To connect with Jami.

Jami Gomes is a native to New York but moved to Charlotte in 2014. For the past six years, she has served in multiple roles at Alexander in clinical and community-based settings and is now the Executive Director of the Partners region. She is a proud wife, mother to an almost-three-year-old, runner, and wine connoisseur.

Written by Emily Gordon

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