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Finding Comfort in Helping Others

September 1, 2020  |  Comments Off on Finding Comfort in Helping Others

Alexia MitchellAlexia Mitchell shares how her teen years helped shape her empathy and drive to build positive connections with her community.

As the Community Executive for Community Based Services at Alexander Youth Network, Alexia Mitchell is tasked with developing key relationships in the community and mentoring our program teams across the state. After spending any amount of time with Alexia, or a member of her team, it is clear how dedicated Alexia is to foster a better community for youth.

In fact, finding a community of her own during her teen years was integral to the life she lives today.

Mitchell moved to Winston-Salem when she was 12. After years of constant moving and traveling due to her mother’s position in the Army, she found herself lost in a new and unlikely permanent location. Her relationships were strained and she found herself seeking attention from others in any way possible. At age 14, she was placed in a 90-day emergency shelter program. The three-month program not only taught Alexia how to identify and rebuild healthy relationships in her own life, but it also taught her how to be a supportive resource for others.

“My relationship with my roommate during the program really taught me that I could be a positive influence for others.” ~ Alexia Mitchell

The responsibility and connection she felt towards the other teens in the program contributed heavily to her interest in social programming. Mitchell immediately gravitated to the others in the program and found her own comfort and healing in being able to do something good for other people.

Since then, Alexia’s mission in life has been to be transparent, build relationships, and form connections between communities. She completed her undergraduate degree at Winston-Salem State and continued her studies in a Master of Social Work program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro/ North Carolina A & T. After a few years working with Forsyth County Child Protective Services, she found a position with Youth Opportunities in their Day Treatment program as a therapist.

“I want to be the person I wish I had growing up. I want to lead my team to be those people and mentor others to do the same.”

Throughout her many roles at Youth Opportunities, her connection to her staff and the kids has always been one of empowerment and coaching. Just as when teaching kids in our day treatment and community-based programs how to manage their struggles and crisis. She believes in building trust and open communication with staff and clients. In allowing them to tell you what they need, they are able to voice their challenges and see them from a different perspective. This process helps clients learn what they need and staff/ parents identify new ways to help support them.

Alexia 2

“One of my greatest successes has been seeing my team grow into leadership roles. Their transitions remind me how one positive relationship can make all the difference.”

To connect with Alexia.

Alexia Mitchell is the Community Executive for Community Based Services at Alexander Youth Network. In her spare time, she is incredibly active in her community serving in roles such as a board member of the Child Resource Center, Chair of the Forsyth County Collaborative, and a leader at her daughter’s Brownie Troop. She lives in Winston – Salem with her husband and three children, which inspired her latest endeavor Sundae Sunday, a conscience parenting blog.

Written by Emily Gordon.

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