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Fall Letter from the CEO

August 17, 2020  |  Comments Off on Fall Letter from the CEO

Craig BassSince Alexander Youth Network’s inception in 1988, we have remained steadfast though times of national upheaval. And during all of those times, Alexander has looked for ways to enhance its services to better respond to the needs of children and their families. Today is no different! As our country faces a world-wide pandemic, as well as a significant time of racial reckoning, we know the children we serve are profoundly affected by both. We are leaning into the challenge before us because we know North Carolina’s kids are counting on us.

As soon as the Phase I order went into effect, Alexander began making plans on how to continue providing services to all of our kids in a safe manner. Stringent safety protocols were enacted at all of our residential programs so services in those programs could continue as “normally” as possible. Community-based services began heavily leveraging technology to keep our kids engaged in treatment. Outpatient counseling, Intensive In-Home, and Day Treatment staff began innovating to create “on-line” program options.

And as a result, Alexander has not stopped receiving referrals for any of its programs! We have been so impressed by how quickly and creatively our staff adapted and have been amazed by how well our kids and families have responded!

Since that time, we have heard many encouraging stories from across the agency. Stories of new breakthroughs for kids in treatment increased connections with family members who found it easier to participate in sessions, new opportunities to build needed “life skills” in real-time situations, and deeper trust being established in the therapeutic bond because we were there in meaningful ways during the crisis. We have also gained insight into family needs that we may not otherwise have been aware of, including the need for reliable electronic devices to allow families to function during this time of quarantine. Because of our generous donors, Alexander Children’s Foundation was able to ensure all of our kids and their families had the technology tools they needed to continue with treatment. Once the pandemic subsides, we will advocate for the continued use of technology to complement in-person services, as we have been encouraged by the impact these tools have had on treatment.

As we see other non-profits struggling to remain solvent during this time of great economic uncertainty, Alexander is deeply thankful for all the people who have ensured the agency’s continued strength throughout this challenge. We know the challenge is far from over, but we remain encouraged by the sound financial and operational position from which we face the future. This strength comes from our amazing employees who have leveraged a broad set of strengths to quickly adapt, innovate, and provide the highest level of behavioral health care in a difficult environment. And it comes from each of you—our generous donors and volunteers. Your financial support, your in-kind contributions, and the gift of your time through volunteering (and now volunteering virtually!) have been crucial to our ability to weather this storm and continue helping kids who need us.

Thank you for your continued support…we cannot do it without you.

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