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Table Captain Resources

As we continue to adjust across Alexander Youth Network and the communities that we live in, we have been busy adapting to new ways of doing things.  In 2020, we made the decision to move our Celebrating Our Kids event to a virtual event.  Table Captains willingly switched from hosting a table at our COK event to becoming Event Hosts and because of their support, we were able to see success in a very uncertain time.  We are continuing to embark on new ways of doing things and that is the same when it comes to Celebrating Our Kids 2021.  For the 2021 COK event, we will go from one big event to a series of smaller events that will be hosted on the campus of Alexander Youth Network as well as in our community.

Celebrating Our Kids 2021 will take place during the month of May, which also serves as Mental Health Awareness month.  As an Event Host, you will have the opportunity to pick a date/time and location that will work best for your schedule.  We want to be respectful of the boundaries and current health recommendations. You as an event host will be able to choose from hosting an in-person event, being a virtual host or participating as a captain for one of the events being held on Alexander’s campus.

Please find below the descriptions of each of the opportunities and details.  This will help you in deciding what will work best for you.

In-Person Event:

You will host an event in your home, office or at a location of your choice.  The number of guests will be determined by you and in accordance with current health guidelines set forth.

On Campus Table Captain:

Alexander Youth Network will play host to a couple smaller COK events. A few table captains will be recruited to host guests on campus for COK and tours.

Virtual Events:

As a virtual event host, you will host an event via Zoom, Teams or whatever platform you are comfortable with.


A resource page is attached with more details for each event opportunity:

2021 COK Resource Page


To learn more or if you have any questions, please reach out to Crissy Humble, Director of Development.