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Celebrating Our Kids Event FAQs

Learn more about the work of Alexander Youth Network.

What is the purpose of the Celebrating Our Kids event?

The purpose of the event is two-fold – to raise awareness of childhood mental illness and of Alexander Youth Network’s mission to help those children suffering from mental health disorders; and to raise the necessary funds to continue serving these children and their families.

Why does Alexander raise money? Aren’t services covered as medical expenses?

Fees for services cover only about 85% of the cost of providing treatment. As a nonprofit agency, Alexander uses charitable donations to cover this shortfall – to pay treatment staff, cover the cost of training, and pay for operational expenses associated with its programs. Approximately $2.5 million a year is contributed by individuals, churches, corporations, foundations and others.

Why does the luncheon only last an hour? Is that enough time to tell your story?

Alexander understands that people are busy. Staff and volunteers work very hard to hone the agency’s message, and the story of those we serve, so that it fits the typical one-hour lunch time frame. Many of the people attending the luncheon have been introduced to Alexander through other ways, and those that are learning about Alexander for the first time are invited to tour the campus during its one-hour semi-monthly Campus Tour events.

Will my guests be embarrassed if they don’t give at the luncheon?

We hope to use the hour event to raise awareness about a social issue that isn’t talked about much in social circles. We hope that all of our guests will be inspired to support the agency.

There is a moment during the latter part of the program when one of our volunteer leaders will ask people to consider a gift. Pledge cards and envelopes will be available for guests at each table.

What if someone wants to know about volunteering or helping in some other way?

Over 1,300 people volunteered at Alexander last year – providing administrative help, wrapping holiday gifts for children in our programs, having a weekly meal with a child in Day Treatment, or helping with a building and grounds project, among other things. What’s more, hundreds help by providing gifts-in-kind – goods and services – such as clothing, books, recreational equipment, household products and personal care products. Anyone who expresses an interest in volunteering or giving in other ways should be directed to either click here or contact Ashley Nieves at 704.227.9115 or

Is there parking at the event?

There is free parking provided for the event in the Westin garage. There are numerous surface lots surrounding the Westin and a parking map will be emailed to table captains in advance of the event. We encourage guests to walk if possible, carpool or utilize the LYNX Blue Line (Stonewall Station). Extra time should be allowed if guests choose to drive and park nearby. The luncheon will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the Westin.

When do table captains need to arrive?

Table captains should arrive by 11:15 a.m. in order to pick up their packet at the registration area and be prepared to greet guests at their table as they arrive.

How will guests find my table at the Westin?

We will email you 1-2 days before the event with all of your table information. You can then forward this information via email or text to your guests.  Greeters will be available to direct you and your guests to your assigned table. You can view the floor plan of the Grand Ballroom on signage just outside of the ballroom.

Do table captains need to hang around after the luncheon?

No, simply collect any pledge envelopes left at your table and turn them in to an Alexander staff member on your way out.

Will we know how much was raised at the luncheon?

Yes. We will stay in touch with all table captains following the event and provide regular updates as well as individual table totals.

You say to invite a minimum of 14 guests for a table of 10. What happens if I invite 14 guests and they all show up?

Table captains need to fill a table of 10. That means that many more people will need to be invited. Confirming at least 14 guests should ensure that your table is full on the day of the event. You are more than welcome to invite as many people as you wish. If you invite more than can be seated at one table, we’ll ask you to tell us who should be seated at each table.

Someone has asked about a special lunch since they have dietary restrictions. Can this be accommodated?

Yes, we can accommodate specific dietary restrictions if you let us know when you register your guests.

So who’s in charge of this whole thing anyway?

Ultimately, the Alexander Children’s Foundation Board of Directors is in charge of this event. The staff liaison is our Director of Development, Crissy Humble. Click on the event contact page to see the various ways to get in touch with her. She can answer questions about the event, sponsorships, being a table captain and more.

Should I call my potential guest list or send them the email invitation?

We recommend making a personal phone call to invite your guests. This can be a follow-up to your initial email or your first point of contact. Separately, your guests will appreciate hearing from you once or twice during the weeks leading up to the event. Just before the event, touch base with all of the guests who said they’d attend to confirm and provide them with their table number. More about the invitation process will be shared with you in our bi-weekly email communications.