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Employee Spotlight: Jasun Thompson

February 1, 2021  |  Leave a Comment

Jasun Thompson, the Program Manager for the Howard Day Treatment Program in Fayetteville, NC, has an extensive background in mental and behavioral health. 

His passion for the work he does and the lives he can impact serves as his daily inspiration. Read more about Jasun’s passions and experience which continue to influence his career. 

What is your background in mental or behavioral health?  

I began working in mental health in 2008. I’ve worked in Community Support, Community Support Team, Intensive In-Home, Case Management, Day Treatment, and Day Treatment Program Management. However, I’ve been mentoring youth for 33 years, since I was 17 years old! 

Who has been your inspiration for your career?  

I’ve been inspired by myself.  My thirst for continuous growth and self-improvement makes me want to share the same desire and possibilities with others who may not see their own potential for greatness.

What has been you most rewarding experience at Alexander?  

My whole experience has been rewarding, but orientation gave me the initial impression that Alexander is a true organization and community of individuals who take their passion to help others (and each other) seriously.  When you meet so many people who have worked for a place for so long, that speaks volumes about the culture of an establishment.

What is your favorite thing about working at Alexander?   

My favorite thing is the support! Getting assistance and guidance is a piece of cake.  Everyone is so willing to help to get the job done.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

“Be like water; stay cool at room temperature, be a source of refreshment when life gets hot, and stay solid when life turns cold. Remain who you are, but always be prepared to adjust to your environment.” 


Jasun Thompson was born and currently resides in Fayetteville, NC. In his spare timeJasun enjoys being an avid video gamer, listening to various genres of music, watching movies of all types, focusing on documentaries and also, observing people, animals, stars, and nature. Jasun is a former high school teacher and coach and was also a former minor league professional arena football player and a professional wrestler for a brief period after college.

Written by Kevin Whitlock

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