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Employee Spotlight: Janice Buxton

August 3, 2020  |  Comments Off on Employee Spotlight: Janice Buxton

Janice Buxton is a proud member of our team at Alexander Youth Network serving the Guilford County area and acting as a liaison for future therapeutic foster parents. 

Janice BuxtonFor the past 11 years, Janice has been working in the field of mental health. Her roles have varied from Community Support Associate to Director of Consumer Services but through it, all her dedication to serving children and their parents has been the same. Providing support for families in navigating the sometimes complicated world of mental health has been a motivator for her over the years. Her experience in community outreach and case management has made her a great fit as the Recruiting/Licensing Specialist at Alexander Youth Network. 

Buxton started at Youth Focus 6 years ago in a part-time role as a case manager. When Youth Focus merged with Alexandershe transitioned to a full-time role on the therapeutic foster care team. In this role, she manages all steps in the licensing process to ensure all parents are trained and ready for when a child enters their home. The process of becoming a foster parent can be a long, complicated journey and Buxton wants to make the process as smooth as possible. Alexander wants to make sure foster families receive as much support as possible throughout every stage of their journey so they are equipped to meet the complex needs of children and youth who will be placed in their care.

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 Knowing that at the end of the day the children that come into care at Alexander Youth Network are safe.” 

Each year Alexander provides safety for over 10,000 children throughout the state, and Buxton is doing her part on behalf of the kids touched by the foster care program.  Her passion and commitment extend beyond just the kids and foster families—she also brings encouragement and support to her coworkers and managers.  Through her positive spirit and passion for what she does, she is someone who brings out the best in everyone around her, both foster families and coworkers.  Together they are working to ensure that each kid at Alexander is on track to maintain the progress they have made in treatment and use those skills to ensure success in the future for the long-term. 

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Janice Buxton spends her free time with her family and at the beach. Prior to joining the team at Alexander Youth Network, she was the Director of Community Outreach of a non-profit she started to support mental health initiatives locally in her community. 

Written by Emily Gordon. 

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