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Employee Spotlight: Emily Gordon

March 19, 2020  |  Comments Off on Employee Spotlight: Emily Gordon

Meet Emily Gordon, Marketing Communications Manager at Alexander Youth Network.

Emily Gordon

In the Marketing & Communications department, Emily works to tell the story of Alexander by highlighting our clients’ successes, relationships with our volunteers, and the innovative work of our dedicated staff. She also volunteers with her dog Graham, as a part of our pet therapy program at the Charlotte Residential program.

What is your background in mental or behavioral health?

My background is actually in public health, so over the years, I have learned about the importance of community-based and integrative programming for healthcare. The holistic approach that Alexander has (including The Relatives and Youth Focus) is one of the draws I had to Alexander because their mission is not just short-term diagnosis and treatment but in providing long term and sustainable care for clients.

How long have you been a part of the team at Alexander?

I joined Alexander at the end of 2018 and over the past year and a half have had the opportunity to work with most of our programs and affiliates across the state.

What has been your most rewarding experience at Alexander?

Non-work related, I love when the kids on campus come to visit my office. Since they see me on the weekends volunteering I get to know them over the time that they are here. Granted they care more about what Graham is doing during the week or when he is coming to visit next but it is sweet to know that they consider us friends.

Work-related, I’ve gotten to work on a few big initiatives and directly with the Senior Management Team. It tends to be all-hands-on-deck with a smaller marketing communications team which means I get to work on almost anything that comes through our department.

Graham Backpack Emily Canada
Emily LA Graham

What advice would you give your younger self professionally or personally?

In any profession, I think it is important to be versatile. Always think about what new skills you can learn that would be useful to your position but also how you could use them in other fields. Unless you are working in a specific trade, professional life and skills are transferrable. I don’t think anyone should think that they are limited based on their experience so always ask to work on that far-reaching project or apply to that senior-level job.

What is your favorite thing about working at Alexander?

The kids and the people. You become close to the kids even if you are not working in direct care. I have made some great relationships amongst staff, not only on the Charlotte campus but other locations as well and I look forward to traveling to other locations.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Alexander?

I spend a lot of my free time outside, either hiking, running (almost always with Graham), or traveling. I try to stay as active as possible whether that is here in Charlotte or if I am going on a weekend trip – last weekend I was in Los Angeles for the LA Marathon and this upcoming weekend I’ll be in Philly visiting friends. Most of the time I am in the mountains, at the lake or my parents’ beach house in Port Royal, SC.Salt Lake City

Gordon Farm

Is there a fun fact you would like to share about yourself?

I want to go to the Olympics but will settle for visiting all the Olympic cities for now. Ohh, I also once worked on a sheep farm in Argentina.



Written by Tiffany Haskins.


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