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Becoming A Mentor – Becoming A Therapeutic Foster Parent

May 20, 2020  |  Comments Off on Becoming A Mentor – Becoming A Therapeutic Foster Parent

How to become a Therapeutic Foster Parent at Alexander Youth Network, starting with the application process.

At Alexander Youth Network, our Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) team is committed to supporting parents through each step of the application process. Our recruiters and treatment coaches work one-on-one with prospective and current parents, children, and families to provide a supportive and loving home environment for each child at Alexander.

While there are multiple steps to becoming a therapeutic foster parent, the team at Alexander is dedicated to supporting each potential foster parent through the application and licensing process. Once prospective parents are connected with a recruiter, they will help guide you through each of the major steps prior to placement:

Meet with a member of the TFC team at Alexander Youth Network

This visit can include a meet and greet to learn more about the program, general paperwork assistance, and a home tour/ inspection.

Complete the TFC application

The application will include necessary paperwork including a Diana screen, personal financial and health information, as well as a background check. Our TFC recruiters are available for phone calls and to schedule appointments to answer any questions necessary to complete the submission of the application and paperwork.

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Application Complete, Training Complete, Next Steps…

Once all paperwork is completed, parents are able to enroll in the Pressley Ridge Model for Therapeutic Foster Care classes. The licensing process for the TFC in North Carolina can take between 6-8 weeks for completion. Once the licensing application is submitted, our therapeutic foster care team will monitor the application and provide updates to notify parents of when they are fully licensed. Once the certification process is complete, our TFC team will find the best compatible placement for each parent-child pair.

Visit our Therapeutic Foster Care program page to learn more or to start the application process.


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