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Therapeutic Foster Care is designed to provide skill based, safe, and nurturing care to a child/youth with mental or behavioral challenges through a structured home environment.

Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent

The Foster Care Program at Alexander Youth Network pairs supportive parents and families with children who are in treatment for mental health problems, trauma-based behaviors, or emotional issues. 

As one program in our array of mental health services, therapeutic foster care is often used to aid children who will transition to a less intensive behavioral program before returning to a permanent home setting. This program offers children a structured home environment with a focus on therapeutic skill building.

You can change the future, one child at a time.

When you become a foster parent at Alexander, you join a team of mental health caregivers. Through our training programs, Together Facing the Challenge and Pressley Ridge Model for Therapeutic Foster Care, our focus is to support parents and children during the transition from a more restrictive home place to a therapeutic foster home. At Alexander we provide parents with assistance every step of the way – through the application process, training and licensing – we prepare you to manage the care and treatment of children in the therapeutic foster care program.

Parents are provided with:

  • Therapeutic and clinical training
  • North Carolina licensure support
  • Treatment coaches and 24/7/365 crisis support and consultation
  • Peer support and networking opportunities
  • Monthly stipend and respite services
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We help you every step of the way.

We need parents who are patient, understanding and can teach our kids how to be successful in the real world. We help you provide a family-centered approach that offers effective options for children needing specialized treatment.

Parents interested in providing care must have a natural desire to work with children or young adults ages 6-21, with emotional challenges and offer a safe and therapeutic home. Children who have access to a loving and therapeutic living environment are able to realize their potential at home, in school and in the community.

Questions about Therapeutic Foster Care? 

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