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Therapeutic Foster Care is designed to provide parents with skills and techniques to create a structured, nurturing, and safe environment for foster children/youth with mental or behavioral challenges.

Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent

The Therapeutic Foster Care Program at Alexander Youth Network is unique because it prepares parents for the many challenges of caring for a foster child that may have mental and behavioral health challenges resulting from trauma Therapeutic foster care is a temporary placement while seeking treatment and before returning to a permanent home.

Our foster parents actively use tools to help with the child’s treatment plan to aid in preparation for the child to return to their biological home or permanent placement.

You can change the future, one child at a time.

Being a therapeutic foster parent allows you to be part of a team of caregivers. Alexander encourages foster parents to work alongside biological parents and guardians, as well as our mental health staff to provide a therapeutic structure-based environment for children.

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As a part of the program, all foster parents are trained in two models of care supporting mental and behavioral health challenges. Through the training programs, Together Facing the Challenge and Pressley Ridge Model for Therapeutic Foster Care, foster parents learn to identify home-based challenges a child may face and encourage healthy coping tools. These trauma-informed training programs provide foster parents with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges many foster children face.

If you are interested in providing a loving and therapeutic home environment to a child at Alexander Youth Network, reach out to our team by completing the form below or by visiting our Steps to Making a Difference and Frequently Asked Questions pages.