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Bark and Heal Makes a Furry Entrance at North Shelby Day Treatment

July 25, 2019  |  Comments Off on Bark and Heal Makes a Furry Entrance at North Shelby Day Treatment

Meet the Animals at Alexander – Bark and Heal at North Shelby Day Treatment

Our latest Bark and Heal class started at North Shelby Day Treatment which serves children grades K-5. In this program, five children will be paired with four canines from Clifford’s Army Rescue Extravaganza. Having four canines that are paired with five children will teach students how to share and multi-task amongst responsibilities, while giving the dogs additional opportunities to be socialized.

Cicero and Marian with Kids

Over the next six weeks, the children will help train the dogs in basic obedience skills while the children learn therapeutic skills such as patience, self- regulation, and behavioral redirection. These skills, along with other personal and social skills, are a part of their Person-Centered Treatment plan. Each of the children selected to join the Bark and Heal program have a therapeutic need that could be filled from the training class. More importantly, they will be able to work towards building healthy relationships with others including staff, volunteers, trainers, and their dog.

The pairing of the kids with each dog fosters a sense of security promoting along standing bond and healing for child and dog.

“I think the children will make them feel safe and in turn the dogs are going to absolutely love their child.” – Deb Hardin mentions about the quick bond each child has formed with the dogs.

We are excited to follow the latest pairing of classmates in the Bark and Heal program and look forward to hearing success stories over the next six weeks.

Meet Our North Shelby Pups

Cicero & Clemmie (on right) – Two Gentle Giants (Anatolian Shepherds)



Marian – Retriever Mix

Charlie Brown – Beagle

Marian Charlie Brown

To meet the dogs participating in the North Shelby Bark and Heal program please reach out to Deb Hardin or Daryl Wagner for more information.

Written by Emily Gordon.


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