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Alexander’s ASAP Program Provides Life Changing Support for Young Men Battling Substance Use

March 5, 2021  |  Leave a Comment

A  February ASAP Program graduate’s story shows the impact that our services and our team approach can have on those struggling with substance use.

Through the Substance Use Programs at Alexander Youth Network, we are able to offer residential, outpatient, and intensive outpatient substance use treatment programs. These programs combine counseling with psychoeducation, conflict resolution, anger management, crisis intervention, and academics to promote abstinence.

One of the programs where our clients can receive this care is through the ASAP Program, a residential substance abuse program for adolescent males in Greensboro, North Carolina. While in the ASAP program, these young men participate in a series of individual, group, and family counseling sessions to identify triggers and underlying draws to substance use.  Once clients graduate from the ASAP Program, they are empowered to make lifestyle changes and achieve personal goals.  

Recently, a client graduated from the program in February that showed exactly how much of an impact our services and our team approach can haveBefore coming to the ASAP Program, he was not attending school and was unsuccessful in lower levels of care.  Most of his time was spent taking care of his wheel chair bound mother, so he did not concern himself with his own well-being. Due to this, he didn’t have any personal goals or an identity. 

Thinking there were no other options, he ran away from most of his problems and did not like to confront them. Substance use was one of the ways he avoided confronting his problems. 

While in the ASAP Program, this client displayed an array of positive attributes.  He made excellent progress towards his treatment goals including taking on a more prominent and positive leadership role, being responsive to directives, and being honest and upfront with the staff.  Most of all, he was excited about being able to be a kid again and having the weight of taking care of others lifted off of his shoulders.  

ThASAP Program allowed him to focus on his wellbeing so he could also be there for others. He tried new hobbies that didn’t involve him getting in trouble and became very mature when it came to processing his actions and feelings. He even helped the other clients in the ASAP Program be more accountable for their actions as he pushed them to do and want better for themselves.  

This young man was motivated to finish the program strong and accomplish his goals, and he did just that.

He also attended school daily and improved his grades tremendously. Through the ASAP Program, he received the support, guidance, and mentoring he needed to become who he wanted to be. Now that his grades are better, he can play football for his high school team and he knows how to have relationships with people that don’t rely on substance use.  

“This client made such a huge positive impact on the program, staff and clients. He truly learned how to advocate for himself, take care of himself and confront his problems head on,” said Sheretta Mitchell, Director of Substance Abuse Services.  

Now, he’s a much better young man all around. We are so proud of him for graduating the ASAP Program and we will truly miss him!” 

Alexander can provide the support you and your child need to combat substance abuse. To make a referral to Alexander ASAP Program, please contact Sheretta Mitchell at (336) 542-0868 or smitchell02@aynkids.org and let us help you and your family heal, together. 

Written by Kevin Whitlock

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